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Jackson Skate Sizing Charts are for Jackson skates only.  They should not be used for any other brand of figureskates to determine skate size.  You cannot determine the size of a Jackson figure skate by comparing it with your street shoe sizing.  To find your proper size in a Jackson figure skate, you must take measurements of your feet for length and width. Once you know your foot measurements, you can then use the Jackson Skate Sizing Charts to find your size in Jackson figure skates.

International/Ladies/Men – Sizing Charts
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Recommended Boot and Blade Levels

Lenght Sizing Chart

When measuring your feet for skates, we strongly recommend that you have another person read the tape measure for you. The measurements need to be pretty exact.  If you are unsure how to use the Jackson Skate Sizing Charts, contact us at

Color Index & Sizing Chartz

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Lightweight, opaque charmeuse fabric that provides a perfect fit and absolute comfort. Anti-pilling, resistant to chlorine and UV rays, pleasant to the touch, two-ways stretch.


Technical fabric that is teaseled to guarantee unparalleled thermal insulation. This fabric protects the body from the cold and allows sweat to evaporate naturally, so that the garment dries quickly. It always leaves the skin dry, so the body’s temperature remains constant and energy consumption is reduced. Anti-pilling, anti-bacterial, durable and resistant to heavy use and washing.


Lightweight, soft, stretch transparent fabric.


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Synthetic fabric, shiny and metallic look.


Designed to ensure extreme fluidity of movement and guarantee maximum muscolar compression, lightweight and resistant, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and allows its natural evaporation. It’s fabric elasticity moulds to the body without be constricting, very thin and with UV protection.


Micro-polyamide fabric with shiny surface and a soft feel that is comfortable and warm. Thanks to its perfect fit, it’s the ideal fabric for the production of casual clothes and sportwear.


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