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  • MK

    MK Flight Blade

    733 kr

    The MK Flight was released in 2015 to meet the specific needs of the entry level skater. As skaters’ needs developed and changed over the years, the team at MK set out to create a blade that satisfied the elementary market. Unlike our beginner blades of the past, theFlight’s profile has been flattened to perfectly suit boot/blade combination sets.

    Rocker 8ft

    Size Range 8″-12″

  • MK

    MK Phantom Blade

    5,172 kr

    The performance advantages of the MK Phantom cannot be overstated for the advanced freestyle skater. A legendary option, thePhantom is side honed, tapered and specifically designed for triple and quadruple jumps. Taking information from world-class skaters, the MK engineers were advised to build this blade with a smaller 7 ft radius section to allow for deeper edges and easier turns. Designed for the explosive jumper, the crosshatched teeth enable jumpers to secure the ice deeply and an enlarged top toe pick is sure to aid in toe spotting.

    Rocker 7ft

    Size Range 8″-12″

  • MK

    MK Phantom Revolution Blade

    7,449 kr

    Side honed, tapered, carbon fibre technology and designed to a winning freestyle formula – the Phantom Revolution sits at the very top of the MK blade range and for very good reasons.

    Rocker 7ft

    Size Range 8″-11″

  • MK

    MK Professional Blade

    2,209 kr

    Does the job and more

    The MK Professional is widely acclaimed for its balance, performance and style. A parallel sided blade, the Professional is the premier choice of coaches around the world for their experienced freestyle students who are working on their axel up to the double lutz jump.The elongated 7 ft rocker profile has minimal blade contact with the ice while performing spins, allowing you to create less friction for a faster and longer spin.

    Rocker 7ft

    Size Range 7″-12″

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