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  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Astra Blade

    628 kr

    Eclipse Astra

    Quick Overview

    The Astra blade is a member of Riedell’s Eclipse family. Complementing your ability to customize your Riedell skates any way you please, from the color to the boot and blade pair, the Astra blade can be purchased separately to accompany any boot that you desire. However, if you’re unsure about the best boot to pair it with we recommend the 255 Motion, 229 Edge or 910 Flair.

    Our Astra is the entry-level blade in the Eclipse line. It is made of 1060 carbon spring steel with an aggressive rake pattern which coaches prefer for their beginning and developing students.With high-quality steel, proven rocker profile and preferred pick pattern, the Astra packs a lot of punch for the price. This specs below will help you decide if the Astra is the right blade for you: Rocker: 7 Suggested R.O.H.: 5/8 Sizes: 8 Style: Parallel Check out all of the awesome features that accompany the Astra blade and any other member of the Eclipse blade family. No other blade offers as many features! Heat Tempered Full Silver Welds Right and Left Sole Plates Computer Controlled Chrome Relief Chrome-Free Toe Picks Mirror Finish Chrome Plating Foam Packaging and Polishing Cloth Designed for Custom R.O.H. Made in North America 60-Day No-Questions-Asked Full Refund Guarantee

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Aurora blade

    2,625 kr

    Aurora blade från Eclipse and Riedell. Keeps edge longer, Made in Canada, Cross-Cut Rake, 7 foot rocker, resists rust.

    Compare this blade to the Coronation Ace and MK Proffesional.

    Riedell offers 60 Days satisfaction Money back guarantee for this blade.


  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Capri Blade

    471 kr

    Maintenance-free stainless steel beginner blade.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Cosmos Blade

    1,099 kr

    Designed for the rapidly improving instructional skater or beginning competitive skater doing single and double jumps, the Cosmos offers a 7 foot radius for increased agility. The precision milled, cross-cut rakes ensure superior ice adhesion and release. With a high polish chrome finish in 1075 carbon steel, the Cosmos will be among the most popular and recommended blades in the industry.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Dance Blade

    2,625 kr

    Ice dance requires precise movement and effortless motion. To achieve greater control on the ice, the Eclipse Dance provides angled front and back stanchions. Slimline edges allow for quicker edge-to-edge transfer and its classic dance-designed shorter tail provides greater maneuverability
  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Infinity Blade

    3,570 kr

    Designed to achieve greater transfer of energy with maximum control, the Eclipse Infinity will help freestyle skaters exceed their goals. The 8-foot radius helps increase skater speed while straight cut aggressive rakes offer secure engagement.
  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Infinity Titanium Blade

    5,130 kr

    Quick Overview

    Exceed your goals

    The Eclipse Infinity skate blade helps skaters soar to the next level—with the Eclipse Infinity Titanium, you’ll soar even higher. The 8-foot radius and lighter weight help increase skater speed while straight-cut aggressive rakes securely engage with the ice. Designed to achieve greater transfer of energy with maximum control, the Eclipse Infinity Titanium will help freestyle skaters skate faster, jump higher and stay on the ice longer.

    Rocker: 8‘
    Suggested R.O.H: 7/16“
    Sizes: 8¼“ — 12“
    Style: Parallel






  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Luna Blade

    366 kr

    Beginner blade from Eclipse, perfect for the first glides on the ice.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Pinnacle Blade

    3,780 kr

    Reach the peak of performance with the Eclipse Pinnacle, designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater. Offering an 8-foot blade radius for maximum speed and solid sole plates for added strength to tackle rigorous routines. A side-honed runner and chrome free rakes bite into the ice, while its increased stanchion height allows better skate clearance.

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium

    5,130 kr

    Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium

    Quick Overview

    Peak of performance

    Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium allows you to reach your peak performance. Designed for the most demanding competitive freestyle skater, this blade has an 8-foot radius for maximum speed, side-honed runners and ice-biting rakes. The solid Titanium sole plates reduce the weight of the blade and offer incredible strength so you can skate faster, jump higher and stay on the ice longer. The increased stanchion height allows for better skate clearance. You’ll be amazed at the Eclipse Pinnacle Titanium.

    Rocker: 8‘
    Suggested R.O.H: 5/8“
    Sizes: 8“ — 12“
    Style: Side-honed

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Quantum Blade

    3,360 kr

    Eclipse Quantum

    Quick Overview

    With the Quantum, we’ve done all of the calculations to ensure that Eclipse Blades is offering a better aluminum framed blade than the competition.

    We did the math so that you can defy gravity.

    Precisely engineered to the highest standards, the Eclipse Quantum Blade is made from a harder 6005 T/5 Aluminum and stronger, rust-resistant 440C Stainless Steel that holds an edge longer. The Eclipse Quantum is the first aluminum blade that doesn’t need a specialty jig for sharpening so that you can get a consistent, long lasting sharpening without hassle and focus on what matters – defying gravity.

    Profile: 7’ Radius, Cross Cut Toe Pick
    The blade runner is permanently affixed to the frame for use with a standard sharpening mount

    Size Range: 8”-11”

  • Eclipse

    Eclipse Volant Blade

    1,470 kr

    Just as Volant means to “take flight,” the Eclipse Volant lets skaters reach new heights. Medium size, straight-cut toe picks allow for easy engagement into the ice to help skaters jump higher and move nimbly across the ice. This beautiful blade is perfect for the advanced instructional or beginning competitive skater.
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