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  • Guarddogs

    Guarddogs Hard Zigzags, Swirls, Cameleonts

    200 kr

    We have different guards in stock,


    Zigzags, in Colours: Black, Dark Blue (Royal), Red, Purple, Sky Blue ( Light Blue) ,Yellow,  Orange.

    We have Swirls, available in stock in colours, have a great scent of fruit: comes in two different colours.

    We have Mintz available in Stock: Pink, Purple and Sky Blue,


    These are different colours depending on which temperature it is:
    Available in Colours:
    Yellow in Warm and Orange in Cold,
    Pink in Warm and Purple in Cold,
    Blue in Warm and Green in Cold,


    We have also black and White Guards From Wifa.

    please choose the Product and see more information about the colours available in stock,


  • Guarddogs

    Guarddogs Soft Blade Covers and Cosmetic Bags

    200 kr210 kr

    2 Tone Terrys: Available in Stock:

    Blue with Red inside, Pink with Purple inside, Tuquose with Purple inside.

    Fuzzies in Light Pink, Black and Pink, Bright Pink, Red.

    Sequins Soft Blade Covers with available Cosmetic Bags in matching colours. ( Glitter Black and Glitter Light Pink).

    See Product Gallery for Pictures.




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